Joe's K Ranch was established in 1958 in Cudahy, WI., as a local tavern. The owner, Joe, retired in 1993. Now his son Jerry owns and operates The K Ranch with his wife Marilyn. When Joe's K Ranch was first begun, Joe ran the tavern with high standards to maintain a respectful environment. One very prevalent rule known to the customers and employees alike was no foul language would be tolerated. This remains to be the foundation for the values that Jerry uses to continue the tradition of Joe's K Ranch. As you will see, many new ideas are being implemented to improve operations during this changing time period for The K Ranch.

After assuming ownership, Jerry developed an informal plan spanning the next several years to increase the services provided at The K Ranch. During the first year of the takeover, Jerry's main objective was to become acquainted with all aspects of the operations and conduct a cost-analysis of the expenses being incurred. During the second year, a focus on the kitchen and its operations was taken. During year three, additional services and activities were added. Once a tavern, The K Ranch has now been expanded to include volleyball, food, horseshoes, live bands, karaoke, and a beer garden. These changes are just the beginning for the K Ranch.

Jerry and Marilyn have learned a lot through the hands-on process of taking over the operations of Joe's K Ranch. Through this ongoing process, they expect to continue learning ways to improve upon their business. As small business owners, Jerry and Marilyn enjoy the satisfying life style of being an entrepreneur. Although the business operations may be stressful at times, both agree that the satisfaction of owning and operating something so special is a reward in itself.

By: Theresa  Dodson 
      December 6, 1997